Basically, there are only two ways for any company to improve its bottom line increase revenue or decrease costs. Medical billing is a complex process and when ...

Account Receivables Management

Accounts Receivable is usually the most sensitive area in the medical practice and is often the most ignored aspect. When cash flow is good, it is easy to focus on other areas ...

Payment Posting

Our experience in handling a number of medical billing softwares among various specialties helps us to begin charge entry directly, saving training time and effort.

Charge Posting

Our accurate data processing ensures clean claims and does reduce denials drastically. Our experienced team registers all patient information with high accuracy.

About afyaMD

With an onshore presence in the US and over 100 years of combined experience, our company offers a set of fully-integrated, end-to-end services which help physicians and practices simplify every step of the practice management process, from the initial scheduling of an appointment to the billing and remittance tasks. We help in maximizing practice earning potential by reducing practice expenses and increasing the net yield of every practice that we work with …


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