Social Media Marketing

We are fully support and manage all of your social media accounts, taking care of all of your interactions with your potential patients.


We fully support and manage all of your social media accounts, taking care of all of your interactions with your potential patients. Plus, we create custom ads and promotions to target potential patients interested in your services.

Social Media Effect

In recent years, the use of social media has exploded. What were once platforms for reconnecting with friends and family have become resources for recommendations, reviews, marketing campaigns and patient interaction. If you want to grow your practice online and attract new patients, social media management for your local medical practices has become essential, despite where are you located.

Afya MD provides online marketing for healthcare providers, helping you and your practice stay current and reach as many potential consumers as possible. Today, keeping digital platforms up to date and interlinked, where your next patients will spend their time —has become vital.

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Afya MD Social Media Marketing Brings Patients to You

Social media marketing lets you solicit feedback from existing patients and engage potential patients. Social networking gives you a platform for interacting with people who may already be interested in your services — especially if you have a specialty practice.

Online marketing for healthcare providers through social media also helps you narrow your target audience to just those people who are looking for you.  Digital Marketing is a two-way street for communication that achieves specific goals:

  • Drives more interaction with your intended audience
  • Shares information to connect with your patients
  • Encourages your patients to contribute reviews and other content
  • Increases traffic to your website, where real conversions happen

Social Media Management

You know the excellent services you provide. You just need to get the word out to potential patients. Social media management for New York medical practices helps you bridge the gap between your practice and your patients, using tools with a proven track record to achieve top results:

  • Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, allow your New York medical practice to interact with your audience in a friendly way. Think about:
    • Patient reviews
    • Maps and directions to your practice
    • Office information, such as hours and appointment procedures
    • Physician and staff profiles
    • FAQs about your practice or area of expertise
    • Sharing relevant articles pertaining to your practice
  • Blogs allow you to post informative and relevant content that answers questions. This valuable New York social media marketing tool enables patients to engage in dialogue with others, including your practice, via the comments section on each post. This helps promote:
    • Information sharing
    • Cross-referencing resources
    • A feeling of community among your patients
  • Media sharing sites like YouTube allow you to share videos pertinent to your New York medical practice, along with other videos that visitors might find interesting. In this fast-paced, media-driven world, videos are a way to catch the eye of potential patients and keep them coming back. Videos cover a range of topics, including:
    • Animations showing how surgical procedures are performed
    • Introductions to healthcare professionals, so people get to meet and become familiar with your doctors before they ever visit your office
    • News clips relevant to your practice
    • Patient testimonials
    • General interest videos that pique the interest of the public and make them curious about your practice
  • Your custom website allows you to present valuable information about your New York medical practice while inviting visitors to explore different areas of your site. Explain the services you offer. Link to your social networking sites, media sharing sites and blog. And its ultimate goal of online marketing for healthcare providers – encourage visitors to contact you for more information or appointments.


We create your social media profile and create engaging and interesting content that gets shared, using plugins to capture reviews and promote your practice.


Some of your best potential patients are right under your nose. Reach new patients in your area with Google Map Local Results.

Drive more interaction with your audience

Encourage user-generated content

Connect and share information with patients

Increase traffic to your site

Our specifically-targeted local ranking strategy ensures that all your practice locations are correctly appear in the Google Map results.

Every bit of information is continuously checked for accuracy and consistency across all local directories, so you can grow your medical practice organically.

We create profiles on popular web and social media platforms including popular medical review websites as well as various local directories.